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Gold Beacon Award

MADE are excited to announce that four schools participating in the MADE GDE Beacon Award Scheme have been awarded a GOLD Award.

Madni Muslim Girls School, Abu Bakr Girls School in Walsall, Birchfield Independent Girls School in Birmingham and Islamiyah School in Blackburn have each achieved the Gold award due to the incredible work they have done in implementing a global dimension within their school and running successful campaigns.

The Gold award is the pinnacle of achievement, meeting the criteria of personal development, leadership, campaigning, knowledge and effective change. The schools participating in the Beacon Award have worked tirelessly to embed global learning into their education institutions; they have run campaigns and have played a key role in instilling key values within their students. This year schools successfully completed a number of topics including sustainability, global poverty and running their own campaigns. Sabahut Shah a teacher from Madni Muslim Girls School said ‘All our students felt that they had learnt something new by the end of every lesson. They were all inspired to change themselves and the world around them.’ Overall, over 90% of students who participated in Live Below the Line sessions said they’d make a change in their life due to what they had learnt.

Through the award each school also ran their own campaigns, generating sustainable, effective change within their institutions. MADE gave each school participating in the Sustainability topic a grant to implement their project, some schools invested in creating a more effective recycling system, introducing food cycling, co-ordinating food drives and raising awareness of issues like food wastage within the school and community.

We want to say a massive well done to all the students and teachers who achieved their GOLD STANDARDS. MADE would also like to congratulate all the schools currently participating in achieving their Gold award and working to create the next generation of Muslims leading the fight against injustice with truly Islamic solutions and a strong Islamic moral framework as the foundation.

The aim of the Beacon award is to embed vital global development topics within the curriculum or programme of each institute. This means we not only recognise the contribution and dedication such institutes make in order to develop future leaders, but also to make these issues part and parcel of the moral framework of every young person. In the long term we hope it will inspire them to be beacons of change and stewards of Allah’s earth responsibly and fairly. For more information about how your school can get involved please contact us at: