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The Maths department at Abu Bakr Girls School achieves good academic results and is proud of its active role in building pupils’ mathematical skills through the use of collaborative learning. We cater for the different learning styles as a result pupils leave school with excellent academic achievement and the social skills required to explore the world.   

The department is well resourced with recently published textbooks and interactive resources which allow whole class participation.

At Key Stage 3 we follow the new curriculum with Functional Maths and at Key Stage 4 we follow the Edexcel GCSE syllabus. Some pupils begin the GCSE in year 9.

To ensure all pupils achieve, the department identifies pupils who require extra support in all years and encourages them to attend the after-school Maths club once a week, where they receive one-to-one support. Teaching assistants also work with the Maths department with pupils requiring extra support.

We have a policy whereby we expect our pupils to come well equipped for all lessons.

The Maths team consists of four dedicated teachers.


Mrs. S. Choudhury

Mrs. J. Kaur

Ms. A. Begum

Mrs. M. Begum

These are the revision guides we recommend:

  • Collins Revision Guide (Higher) ISBN 978-0-00-734099-6
  • Collins Revision Guide (Foundation) ISBN 978-0-00-734098-9