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“Allah is Beautiful and loves beauty”

(Hadith Muslim)

The Art and Design Department prides itself in providing our pupils with an outlet in which to express themselves creatively and confidently along with providing opportunities to develop a wide range of creative and practical skills. This further equips pupils with the knowledge of possibilities for future studies and careers in the vast growing Creative Arts and Media sector. Throughout the teaching of the Art curriculum pupils are able to make greater sense of the world, their place within it and their capacity to affect and add to it. Continuous emphasis is made on the importance of pupils exploring, discovering and thinking for themselves. They are encouraged to be independent in exploration and experimentation and to be motivated by a sense of discovery and spirituality.
The current Art and Design Department consists of one specialised Art and Design room and two Art and Design teachers but this is expected to grow as the school moves forward.

Key Stage 3

In Years 7 8 and 9 pupils undertake 3 projects per year; each lasting for approximately 7- 8 weeks.  Within these projects they will develop a wide range of skills that will further develop their knowledge, skills, and understanding of a variety of Artists and Media.
Year 9 is a crucial year prior to the start of GCSE Art & Design; pupils are challenged in developing and refining their skills in a series of ‘mini GCSE style’ projects.They will:

    Further their ability to analyse and evaluate the work of artists and use this as inspiration for their own ideas.
    Develop their creative thinking and designing skills.
    Experiment with a wider range of materials, techniques and process such as Ceramics, Fine arts and 3D design.

Key Stage 4

The GCSE Art and Design course is a duration of two years, undertaken in Years 10 and 11.  The course is predominantly coursework based (60% of the final marks) but is concluded by an externally set task in which pupils respond to a given theme by the exam board OCR (40% of the final marks).
The coursework and exam can vary in terms of topic each year but consist of four main areas that pupils will be assessed in:

    Observational studies and initial ideas
    Researching, making links with and evaluating the work of artist/s
    Developing ideas through exploration of different materials, techniques and processes
    Making a final product

The GCSE Art and Design course is a popular choice with our pupils as it offers a more flexible approach, as they can work with a wide variety of different materials or specialise in a particular area if they wish.

Extra-Curricular Art & Design

Due to the nature of Art and Design pupils have many opportunities to engage in our extra-curricular activities.  As part of their studies all pupils will be offered the chance to visit local and national Art galleries and museums, this will vary according to the relevance of exhibitions and events happening up and down the country.  Educational visit like these are a great way for pupils to see Art in the real world and how influential it can be on our everyday lives.
The Art Department also runs an extra-curricular session twice a week during lunch break and after school, where pupils can come and catch up on coursework, ask for advice or just experiment with a new idea or media.

Miss R. Parveen